The Pain… The Pursuit…

The Pain…The Pursuit… is a work in progress which started in collaboration with Berlin based choreographer Lea Martini focused around pain and illness. The piece eventually settled as an additional lab in the choreographer’s ongoing research on spiritual contemporary dance exploring spirituality in dance linked to ancient rituals, as Akiles found the pain theme to be a significant one and specially highlighted in many religious rituals, where dealing with pain and disease can be methodical and result in a positive outcome.

In light of a personal experience, as a dancer suffering from pain and disease related to his physique and after undergoing the shocking diagnosis with MS Multiple Sclerosis, Akiles began to think more of his career as the two are closely related to each other. Confronted with the company of agonizing ache and vulnerability to endure for entire days and nights, he realizes it is a must to step into the challenge. Despite the resident pain that doesn’t leave, he continued dancing, moving and creating thus attempting to sublime spiritually. There is no point waiting for the pain to stop as it is not going to stop on its own, it is bound by one’s own reflection; the resolution was learning to dance the pain out. Akiles concentrates on the moment of pain; the pause one stops to endure the pain in deciding to share it and bring it on stage.

Dates and Venues:

March 28 2018 Uferstudios Studio 2 Uferstr. 23/Badstrs 41 a, 13357 Berlin

March 22 2018 Expedition Metropolis Ohlauerstr. 41 10999 Berlin

December 19 2018 Uferstudios Studio 1 Uferstr. 23/Badstrs 41 a, 13357 Berlin

September 06 2018 –1st presentation Uferstudios Studio 1 Uferstr. 23/Badstrs 41 a, 13357 Berlin

Dance & Choreography Muhamed Al-Agaili (Akiles) In collaboration with Lea Martini Sound Nils Plambeck ClandestinSong Ibrahim Maalouf Production assistance & „The death Monologue Poem“ Sirine Malas

Made possible by the funding of Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin in the frame of the Fellowship Program „Weltoffenes Berlin“.