Nikitin Projekt

24 Slots per second

Nikitin Production

The Basel baroque ensemble “The Musical Garden”



24 frames per second” is a collaboration with the piano quartet Kukuruz, the choreographer Lee Méir and the video artist Georg Lendorff.  

A co-production with the Wiener Festwochen.

Vienna – Austria

A space between no man’s land, film set and white cube. In it six dancers, a piano quartet and a billboard. They warm up their instruments, stretch their bodies, meet, lose themselves, disappear. While the flickering light of a video projection pervades the room, a beat slowly develops, a pulse. Making films means watching people die in 24 frames per second, according to the famous observation of French director Jean Cocteau. The new evening by Boris Nikitin, in a crossfading of music theatre, dance and video art, appropriates this sentence and directs the gaze to the integration of our bodies into time.

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